CLC Offers Services

This industry including but not limited to site preparation, grading, cut & fill, fence and gate drawings, shop fabrication drawings, control building design, overhead strike protection, development of bills of materials and outdoor lighting. Specific structural services offered include steel design, aluminum design, wood and timber design, reinforced concrete design, computer analysis, commercial low-rise structural design, seismic analysis, and simple span bridges.

Collectively we have completed numerous projects for a myriad of electric utilities, and we would be pleased to add you to our list of satisfied clients. Our team is highly qualified, offers an exceptional level of diverse services, and brings together the expertise of complimentary and agile small businesses. This allows us to deliver you a personal approach that is extremely responsive to your needs. The scope of services requested is highly commensurate with the expertise of our collective engineering personnel and their unique experience. The team brings years of experience with all facets of substation and distribution engineering and construction management that include assisting with all utility effort focused on designing, managing, operating and maintaining critical outside infrastructure required to help you obtain what we believe are your ultimate goals and objectives

In addition to the services listed

and the expertise outlined above, we hope that the further details contained in this response to your RFQ illustrates that our team understands how to work closely with you toward achieving your short-and long-term goals. Our commitment to your goals will be the driving force behind developing the scope and budget for every aspect of every project defined by you. We understand the need for adherence to the concise scope of each project as well as striving to gain the most from your budgeted funds.

Finally, we are confident you will find that our team conveys the level of engineering expertise which not only meets your needs and expectations but exceeds them. In addition to our expertise, our complimentary and agile small businesses allow us to be very responsive to our clients’ needs at very reasonable rates. All of the above mentioned items make our team the best qualified to provide these electrical, civil, and structural engineering services. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.