Power Consulting Engineers currently provides consulting services including:

  • Substation design
  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Permitting, BER, and site development
  • Substation equipment specifications
  • Protective relay panel schematic development
  • Substation battery specification and selection
  • Contract preparation
  • Solicitation of construction bids
  • Material procurement
  • Coordination studies
  • Relay selection & calibration
  • Station cut-in and inspection services
  • RUS contract close-out services

Our engineers are experienced in specification of all major substation equipment, including: power transformers, breakers, regulators, reclosers, instrument transformers, protective relaying systems, stationary battery system, control house & equipment, etc.

Many of our clients have chosen us because of our responsiveness when they need assistance, and our willingness to work with their existing standards and designs.

Power Consulting Engineers utilizes a variety of productivity enhancing instruments to provide the best value possible to our clients.
We use computer aided analysis tools for:

  • Drawing preparation
  • Rigid bus design
  • Strain bus design
  • Grounding system design
  • Fault current calculation
  • System coordination and relay settings
  • Lighting design
  • Foundation design