Generate physical design layout, specifications and contracts for medium and high voltage substations to clients’ specifications utilizing NESC, RUS and IEEE guidelines.


Ten years of substation design experience. Primary responsibilities include the design and layout of substations; steel detailing; material specifications; contract documents; evaluating bids (material and labor); approval of manufacturer’s drawing; answering field questions; final inspection and relaying testing.

Georgiana Substation - Alabama Power – Birmingham, Alabama

This project involved the upgrade of an existing 115-44-15kV substation. Replacement of existing cap & pin insulators with station post; replacement of 600A switches with new 1200A switches; added Station Class Arresters on load side of 44-15kV transformer; raised 15kV structure to obtain proper live to personnel clearances and increased phase to phase spacing; new ground grid; generated Bill of Material for all items.

Northern Virginia Electrical Cooperative – Manassas, Virginia

NOVEC required the steel design and bidding of a three transformer bank, eight feeder positions with high side “A’” frame and circuit switchers. Total weight of steel was 74,594#.

Chesterfield Substation - Lynches River ECI – Lancaster, South Carolina

Modifications to an existing 69-15kV substation, including adding a 69kV, S&C model 2020 Circuit Switcher on a constrained site. Also added protective relaying and DC power in an outdoor cabinet.

Sawnee Electrical Membership Corporation – Cumming, Georgia

New 25kV switching stations typically with either five or eight lowside positions. Developed standardized layout and standardized steel design to reduce overall cost.

Flaherty Substation - Meade County RECC – Brandenburg, Kentucky

Design layout of a 69-13.2kV, relayed substation with four feeder positions, source side “A” frame, transformer oil containment pit, and control house.

Bolins Mill Substation - Buckeye RECI – Rio Grande, Ohio

Design layout of a 138-15kV relayed substation with box type four feeder positions, source side “A” frame, transformer oil containment pit, and control house.

Dumplin Valley Substation - Appalachian EC – Jefferson City, Tennessee

This project consisted of the design layout of a 161-69kV, 69kV ring bus relayed substation with four 69kV “A” frame feeder positions. Dual 161kv feeds from a TVA station , transformer oil containment pits, and control house.


  • Middle Georgia College-Architectural Design