Power Consulting Engineers staffing, which includes Professional Engineers (PEs), takes a very methodical approach to substation and switching station design. With our years of experience, we have learned that it is key to start the project correctly and have communication frequently during the design and construction phases.

We begin each project with a kick off meeting where we ask dozens of questions to make sure we understand the design requirements and client’s desires. Below is the process of a typical project after our kick off meeting.

Procurement Services

The procurement services include the preparation of technical specifications, necessary drawings and contract documents for major equipment, materials and labor for the substation. Procurement services will include:

Prepare and submit for approval to the client the following bidding documents:

  • Substation Labor & Material Contract
  • Specifications and bid documents for breakers, relay panels, control house, power transformers, voltage regulators, circuit recloser, capacitors, wave traps, CCVT and any other major equipment as required.

Make changes in specifications after Owner’s review to assure that the project meets the client’s expectations.

Solicit bids for equipment listed above and provide analysis/recommendations from the bidding process to the client for final selection. Engineer will be available to each prospective bidder to answer questions.

Solicit bids for station labor and material.

Post-Construction Services

Following completion of construction and energization, PCE will provide the following services:

  • Revise construction drawings to agree with the construction records of the contractor and PCE’ personnel.
  • Prepare and submit to the client hard copies of “as built” construction drawings.
  • Submit all packager’s drawings and manufacturers’ as built drawings to the client.
  • Prepare all required closeout documents.

Construction Services

Issue “Approved for Construction” drawings and specifications to the client and the erection contractor.

Handle all correspondence with packager to aid in maintaining the scheduled submittal of drawings and delivery of the equipment.

Review packager and manufacturers’ drawings for conformance with the specifications.

Review structural steel details from packager.

Maintain and distribute all packager and manufacturers’ drawings as required.

Perform a final inspection of the completed substation after construction, where we will also test transformer and breaker CTs, set all microprocessor relays, test the overall protective system and assist with energizing the substation.

Initiate change orders, if required, for field modifications.

We will set up as many meetings during the design phase and construction phase as needed to meet the clients’ expectations and assure the project runs smoothly, but typically one design meeting and one construction inspection is required other than the final inspection.